Leads you through the chaos of financial statement disclosure for tax. We will assist you in building the calculations that underpin your financial statement figures, assess your financial statement note disclosure and develop documentation for your financial auditors.


  • Simplify the reporting process. Implementing integrated Excel®-based components to custom build your dream provision minimizes manual errors and maximize the impact whilst keeping the flexibility of Excel you love.
  • Provision templates stand alone or link directly to your financial statement tax notes template.
  • We provide ancillary financial statement support with tax benefit Word®-based memo, Excel®-based Tax Status Trackers and Internal Control Matrices.
  • The Tax Accounting Profile. Identifies the appropriate provision components that should be used and the amount and type of financial statement disclosure required.


The CPL Tax Provision Template™

Super charged Excel®-based worksheet crunches the financial statement figures for income taxes.

The CPL Tax Disclosure Template™

A stand alone Excel®-based template or one that can be linked to your provision worksheet to extract figures for disclosure.

The CPL Tax Status Tracker™

Track your statute barred and open years, audits and waivers signed.

The CPL Tax Internal Control Matrix™

Excel®-based toolkit that provides best practices in tax risk management with key control testing designed.

The CPL Tax Memo Template™

Word®-based template that assists you in the supporting the recording of a tax benefit on your financial statement.

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