Crafting the financial statement tax note and an executive summary for the CFO or audit committee should be simple; it should agree to the provision and roll nicely every quarter with each figure easily supported by a strong audit trail. If that is not the case, we can help.

  • Our Tax Disclosure Template

The CPL advantage comes in streamlining the documentation process.
  • We have standard ASPE and IFRS note disclosure templates available or we can format ours to match your financial statements.
  • We link the tax note to schedules in your provision (we can provide that also!) which creates an audit trail.
    • We calculate the rate reconciliation – saving you time and effort.
    • We ensure the figures roll and alert you when they don’t helping pin-point the problem.
    • We cell-protect the important calculations which helps eliminate errors.
    • We establish a database of key tax data which can be used for further analysis.
  • We summarize the highlights from your tax provision (quarter over quarter change in expense, loss utilization, shifts in ETR, cash taxes paid, etc) and you customize the analysis further or copy and paste directly into your reporting.
  • Pricing

Each base template is $1,250.00 plus applicable taxes. Customized templates quoted on an individual basis.

  • Ancillary Work

Don’t feel like doing this yourself, we can help you. To discuss work and rates please contact us.