Most companies are faced with the decision of whether they should record a tax benefit in the financial statements yet few articulate the reasons properly leaving a faint trail for the auditors.

Our template provides a structure for your decision process by prompting you to consider specific questions resulting in a thoughtful memo your auditors will love.

  • Our Deferred Tax Benefit Memorandum Template

The template is a Word-based document with established section and subsection headings.  In each subsection, we provide guidance as to what information should be included therein as noted by the italicized sections.  All the relevant IFRS sections have been paraphrased and inserted already.  All you have to do is insert your company’s relevant details and calculations.

  • Pricing

Each template is $25.00 plus applicable taxes.

  • Ancillary Work

Don’t feel like doing this yourself, we can help you. To discuss work and rates please contact us.