How do you manage your company’s tax audit status? Do you make files, piles, scans or do you rely on sticky notes? Our tax status tracker assists you in keeping in touch with all significant tax events. The CPL advantage comes in streamlining documentation and providing guidance as to how to complete accurately.

  • Our Tax Status Tracker

  • Tracks your notices of assessments, notices of reassessment, objections and waivers.
  • Provide management and auditors a summary of which taxation years are statute barred by taxing jurisdiction (Canadian domestic income and GST/HST) plus a free form page for foreign filings.
  • Keeps the flexibility of a spreadsheet – information can be copied from the tracker for further work or distribution.
  • We provide a user manual with the tracker which walks you through where to find the pertinent information for the tracker.
  • How The Tracker Works

  • The Summary page is your dashboard providing a snapshot of the company’s tax status at a particular date.
    • Easily see which year is statute barred in which jurisdictions.
    • Track notice of assessments, notice of reassessments, waivers filed, and objections.
    • Print button for the entire report or just the Summary.
  • Our user manual which accompanies the tracker provides technical background on timing of event for reference.
  • Pricing

Each tracker including user manual is $99.00 plus applicable taxes.

  • Ancillary Work

Don’t feel like doing this yourself, we can help you. To discuss work and rates please contact us.