Transfer pricing is currently the most contentious and high risk tax issue for an international company. One part of a company’s transfer pricing concern is what the taxing authorities like to call “contemporaneous documentation”. However small the documentation is in the overall scheme, it’s still a lot of work in itself. Our template guides you through the documentation process, what needs to be gathered, thought about, and detailed. Our template cannot and is not a substitute for advice from a transfer pricing expert. This template lets you prepare the majority of the documentation and may reduce advisor fees as you will have completed most of the legwork. Selection of the transfer pricing method itself is outside the scope of this

  • How The Template Works

The template is a word document with established section and subsection headings. In each subsection, we provide guidance as to what information should be included therein. Our guidance is based on the documentation requirements of PATA¹ and the OECD².

We also include templates for the binder cover page, section dividers and index labels. There is a logo box for your corporate logo and similar to most word templates, virtually everything can be overridden if you really need to change it.

¹ Pacific Association of Tax Administrators which includes Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA.
² Organisation for Economic and Co-operative and Development

  • Pricing

Each template including user manual is $550.00 plus applicable taxes.

  • Ancillary Work

Don’t feel like doing this yourself, we can help you. To discuss work and rates please contact us.