Leads you through best practices of tax risk governance by aligning your tax risk strategy to the overall corporate vision. Assists in establishing mandates, policies, and board reporting packages.


  • Support the governance process.
  • Ease the burden of policy writing by using standardized language from mandates to policies.
  • We will assist you by writing mandates and policies to fit into your own corporate style.
  • The Tax Governance Profile. Identifies the “best practices” of tax governance and creates a game plan for company achievement.


The CPL Tax Policies Template™

Word®-based template that assists in the development of board mandates for tax.

The CPL Tax Board Package™

Word®-based template that assists in the development of board reporting packages.

The CPL Tax Status Tracker™

Track your statute barred and open years, audits and waivers signed.

The Tax Plan Implementation Review™

Word®-based template which assists in reviewing existing tax plans.

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